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La vena Layered Necklace - 18 k gold plated

No matter who you are, embrace it with confidence

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Introducing the La Vena Necklace

A powerhouse of symbolism and strength, she is not just a piece of jewelry but a bold statement that tells a narrative of resilience and self discovery . This unique ensemble comprises three stunning necklaces, artfully layered to create a look that embodies timeless elegance and individual empowerment.

Symbolic Layers :
Each necklace in the La Vena collection carries a distinct symbol, representing a time, a place, and an unwavering strength. The dagger symbolizes the future and the fight for your story, urging you to carve your path forward. The lion embodies the courage to be authentically yourself in the present moment. The ancient phoenix encourages you to embrace your past, transcending trials and tribulations, and rising anew.

Gold-Plated Radiance:
Crafted with precision, each necklace boasts an 18k gold plated finish on a durable stainless steel paperclip chain. The warm radiance of gold not only adds a touch of opulence but also serves as a reminder of the enduring strength that lies within. 

Adjustable Elegance :
Wear the La Vena Necklace at different heights to suit your style and preference. The standard 55 cm chain for each necklace provides versatility, allowing you to create a personalised layered look that resonates with your unique spirit.    

Empowering Reminder:
More than just a fashion accessory, La Vena serves as a constant reminder for women to be true to themselves, embrace their journey, and draw strength from every facet of their existence. 

Elevate your style with the La Vena Necklace, where every layer is a testament to your strength, courage, and resilience.  

Let this bold ensemble inspire you to embrace your past, present, and future with grace and authenticity.


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La vena Layered Necklace - 18 k gold plated
La vena Layered Necklace - 18 k gold plated
La vena Layered Necklace - 18 k gold plated
La vena Layered Necklace - 18 k gold plated
La vena Layered Necklace - 18 k gold plated
La vena Layered Necklace - 18 k gold plated
La vena Layered Necklace - 18 k gold plated
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