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Savannah Leopard Silver plated Neck lace

No matter who you are, embrace it with confidence

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Introducing the Silver Savannah Leopard Head Necklace 

A stunning fusion of urban sophistication and untamed allure, drawing inspiration from the vibrant energy of New York street style.

Classy Statement:
Savannah Silver is not merely a necklace it's a refined statement piece radiating class and confidence. The Silver Leopard Head pendant, a nod to the wild, adds a touch of untamed elegance to any ensemble

Urban Chic:
Infused with the spirit of New York's dynamic streets, Savannah Silver effortlessly blends the wild with the urban. This necklace is your entry into city inspired style that's both edgy and chic, bringing a touch of the concrete jungle wherever you go.

Fine Simplicity:
The necklace features a fine and simple 50 cm silver chain, ensuring that the spotlight remains on the exquisite Leopard Head pendant. This minimalist approach adds a contemporary edge, making it suitable for both casual and sophisticated occasions.

Versatile Elegance:
From boardroom meetings to nights out in the city, Savannah transitions seamlessly, making her the ideal accessory for diverse settings. Wear her confidently as she becomes the focal point of your outfit, embodying the spirit of New York's ever evolving style.

Crafted Detail:
Each detail of the silver Savannah Leopard Head Necklace is meticulously crafted, ensuring a timeless and durable accessory that stands the test of both style and time.

Embrace the Savannah Leopard Head Necklace, where the untamed meets the refined, and the streets of New York become your runway. 

Pendant : Leopard Head Silver Plated

Chain :  Fine and Simple, 50 cm Silver plated

Style Influence: New York Street Chic

Versatility : Day to Night

Elevate your style with Savannah, the epitome of urban elegance, making every day a style statement in the heart of the city. 


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Savannah Leopard Silver plated Neck lace
Savannah Leopard Silver plated Neck lace
Savannah Leopard Silver plated Neck lace
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